2 Reasons To Utilize A Drug Charge Lawyer

Getting charged with possession of narcotics or illegal medication can be a very frightening experience and can carry some very stiff penalties so it is very important that you contact an attorney that specializes in drug charges. Listed below are just two of the ways that a drug charge lawyer can help you out.  

Check For Improper Law Enforcement Procedures

One of the biggest ways in which a drug charge lawyer will help you is by making sure that any police officers and other officials involved in your arrest followed the proper procedures. This is very important as a lawyer can often have the charges against you dismissed or reduced if he or she can prove that the proper procedures were not followed when the narcotics were discovered. For example, if law enforcement officers illegally searched you, your vehicle, or your home without a search warrant or probable cause then your lawyer can use this to fight the charges against you.

Another thing that your lawyer will look for is whether or not you were improperly questioned before he or she arrived. For example, police officers are very well-trained in interrogation techniques that can help them draw information out of suspects, even when those suspects do not suspect that they are being questioned. In that situation, a lawyer can insist that since you were questioned without him or her present that anything that you said is not admissible in court and may even be able to have the case dismissed.

Negotiate Lesser Sentences

A drug charge lawyer can also help you out even if your case cannot really be won. In that situation, the lawyer can attempt to get your sentence lowered through the use of plea deals. A plea deal will often require that you plead guilty to a lesser offense in order to receive a lesser penalty.

These plea deals can mean the difference between potentially going to prison or simply being required to perform community service. In many cases, the prosecutor will be very likely to accept the plea deal as it means that he or she can wrap the case up very quickly and move on to the next case as soon as possible. This is often a good deal for the prosecutor as he or she will often have a massive amount of cases awaiting his or her attention.

In addition, if the drug charge is a first offense, then your lawyer can often use that to negotiate for a lesser sentence. In that situation, a lawyer may be able to eliminate any jail time and instead have you sentenced to drug rehabilitation.

Speak to an attorney immediately if you have been arrested and charged for drug possession. A lawyer can help negotiate lesser sentences and check for any improper searches or questioning on the part of law enforcement officials.