Been Accused Of Child Pornography? Information You Should Know

If you have recently been accused of child pornography you need the help of a child pornography attorney. Below is information on how this will be investigated and how an attorney can help you.


When you are first accused of child pornography by anyone, an investigation will take place by police. They will first look on your computer to see if they can find any images of child pornography. The police may get a search warrant also and search your home for any evidence of this crime. If no evidence was found on your computer or from the search warrant, the charges will be dropped.

If images of child pornography were found on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, then you need to contact an attorney at this point. This is even true if you did not put these images on your devices or if you do not know who did this.

How Your Child Pornography Attorney Can Help You

It is very important that you do not talk to anyone or say anything about this case to anyone except for your attorney. They will start an investigation of their own to determine when the files were placed on your computer or if any photographs were found at all. In some cases, someone may accuse you for no reason. If someone had access to your computer without your knowledge, they may have put these photos on it. 

Your computer will be taken, and you likely would not ever get it back again. Because of this, plan on purchasing a new computer if you need one. The attorney will tell you to never leave your computer alone where someone could access it. Put a good password on your computer so no one could break in. Also, put a good antivirus on your computer to prevent attacks in the future if this is the way the photos got on your computer. 

There are viruses that can put child porn on your computer or other devices without your knowledge. If someone else was on your computer and they came upon these photos, they would likely immediately blame you. Fortunately, there are experts that can tell when the virus was put on your computer to determine when the photographs appeared. Your attorney will hire these experts. This could help you greatly in your defense. 

The child pornography lawyer can give you much more information about this type of case.