What DUI Offenders Should Now About Ignition Interlock Devices

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), the way your case pans out depends on the charges, your record, and more. For some, the only way to drive again is by using an ignition interlock device. To find out more about this type of driving restriction, read on. 

Your DUI and Your Driving Privileges

In many cases, those arrested for DUI can expect to have their driving licenses suspended, at least temporarily, pending the outcome of the case. Being able to drive is important everywhere and even more so in places with little to no public transportation. 

Driving privileges can be removed or limited even before your case has been heard. That is partly because the justice system and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are two separate government entities. To avoid losing your driving privileges after being charged with DUI, speak to a criminal defense attorney. There are several ways to continue driving while you wait for your case to be settled. One of those is a device that requires a clean breathalyzer test before the vehicle will start. 

What Is an Ignition Interlock Device?

It must be emphasized that having this sort of device attached to your vehicle is not a standard action after a DUI. Your lawyer must request a hearing and argue the request before a judge. The judge will question you about your need to drive and ensure that you understand the consequences of messing up. 

For example, you could be going back to jail if blowing a 0.00 on your interlock device is connected to a bail agreement. The results of the in-vehicle breathalyzer test are transmitted to a court official and any detection of alcohol, tampering, or trying to cheat the device could result in more charges on top of the DUI.

Only certain defendants will qualify for an ignition interlock device, and it must be accompanied by a so-called hardship license. This special license allows defendants to drive only during certain hours of the day and to certain locations. Talk to a criminal defense attorney about attaining a hardship license along with the ignition interlock device.

What Else to Know About These Devices

There are costs involved in the installation, regular maintenance, and monitoring of the ignition interlock device. The device is installed on your starter system, and you must blow through a tube before the vehicle will start. Once you are moving, you will be asked continuously to perform more tests to ensure that you remain sober while driving. 

Talk to a criminal defense attorney to find out more.