Was Your Teen Driving A Car That Got Pulled Over And Marijuana Was Found? What To Ask A Lawyer Immediately

If your child was driving a car with multiple teens and they were pulled over, and someone in the car had marijuana, calling a lawyer needs to be your first priority. If you aren't sure who the marijuana belonged to, but you know that it didn't belong to your teen, you don't want your child to live their life with drug charges on their record. If your name is on the vehicle title, you could also be in trouble. Here are a few things you'll want to talk with your lawyer about.

Could a Drug Test Help?

If all of the teens that were in the car were to take a drug test, would your teen be able to pass? If so, this would show that the marijuana didn't likely belong to them. If there were other teens that tested positive, it would show that was probably theirs. If the lawyer thinks this is a good idea, they may have you get the testing done right away.

Can You Fight the Charges?

Some people think that it's a waste of money to fight charges, and that they are going to get whatever punishment the judge gives them. This couldn't be further from the truth. Many crimes are settled outside of the court before the defendant goes in, and the defendant makes a plea deal. The charges can also be fought because of weak or inaccurate evidence.  The lawyer will have you come in and go through the evidence to see what pieces are skeptical, or can be thrown out.

Should Your Teen Your Teen Try to Get More Information?

Your lawyer may want your teen to stay away from the other teens that were in the car with them, and to not talk about what happened with anyone else. You don't want your teen to be influenced to say or do anything by the other people in the car, especially since one of them is guilty for having the marijuana. Instead, you want to provide your lawyer with all of the other teens' personal information, and the information for their parents.

If your teen has gotten into trouble and there was marijuana found in their car while they were driving, don't have them make a statement to the police. Instead, wait until you find a drug lawyer that specializes in these cases, such as Russ Jones Attorney At Law, and get legal advice before they do or say something that could hurt them.