Sex Crime Charges: What Everyone Needs to Know

The average person does not want to think that they could ever be accused of a sex crime, yet many people find themselves accused of these crimes each year. Some of them may even get the shocking experience of a wrongful conviction. If you are accused of sex crimes, it is important to realize the seriousness of the accusations. You also need to know the potential repercussions of a conviction or guilty plea. The laws vary from state to state as well as the punishments. However, in most cases, convictions carry stiff penalties. Perhaps you are wondering how some people get accused of these crimes. There are some unique situations that can cause individuals to be charged with sex crimes. The following are a few examples that you may have never thought about.


This is something that some people view as common in today's times. The act might be viewed as consensual if it is between two adults. However,  some individuals make the mistake of sexting individuals they might have never met in person. For example, it may be an online relationship. If one of the individuals is underage, the adult can be charged, even if the underage individual lied about their age.

Being Present During a Sexual Offense

You have likely heard the old adage about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you facilitate transportation for someone who has committed or intends to commit a sex crime, you could also be charged. Perhaps you are a person who does not like to get involved in other people's "business." If you are present during a sex crime, you could be charged, even if you are not an active participant. This is especially true if you fail to cooperate with authorities or try to intervene and help the alleged victim.

A criminal defense attorney is a good resource to use if you are accused of a sex crime. They can educate you on how to conduct yourself during the time pending your trial. They can also advise you regarding the laws in your state. Due to the serious consequences, which are sometimes life-lasting, it may not be wise to take a plea deal without having an attorney to negotiate on your behalf. For example, some states require convicted sex offenders to be added to a state or national registry. You might also face issues when it comes to securing gainful employment and living in certain neighborhoods. Talk to a lawyer who specializes in sex crimes if you find yourself in this situation to avoid going into trial blind.