Reasons That A Short Jail Sentence Might Be Better Than Probation After A DUI Arrest

Following a DUI arrest, your attorney will talk to you about the evidence that the prosecution has against you. If the evidence is weak, your attorney will work with you to build a defense that will hopefully result in the charges being dismissed — thus allowing you to put this difficult situation behind you. However, your attorney may also let you know that the prosecution has a strong case, meaning that a dismissal isn't apt to happen. A short jail sentence and probation are two potential consequences that you could face, and while you might immediately think about probation being preferable, here are some reasons that you might opt for a short jail sentence.

No Hassles Over Testing

If you're sentenced to probation after a DUI arrest, one of the conditions that you'll commonly face is that you need to stay away from alcohol. You can't just give your word, however — you'll also need to submit to regular and often random alcohol tests. These tests can be a hassle, as you'll need to visit your probation officer when called for a test. Or, in some cases, the officer might even visit you — which could be embarrassing depending on where you are and whom you're with. When you opt for a short time in jail, you won't have these testing-related hassles.

No Alcohol Education

While it's easy to argue that anyone arrested for DUI should take a serious look at his or her use of alcohol, the reality is that you might not be ready to make this sort of change in your life. Probation for a DUI case often requires that you attend alcohol education classes, and you may also need to complete some manner of treatment program. These programs are challenging for those who don't wish to curb their drinking, which may be your current situation. A jail sentence can prevent you from having to take these programs.

No Constant Fear Over Jail

Being on probation doesn't necessarily mean that you avoid serving jail time. If you fail to complete one of the many conditions of your probation, you may end up sentenced to jail. It can be stressful to constantly live under this fear, as something as simple as forgetting to check in with your probation officer could lead to further legal consequences, including jail. You might feel as though getting a short jail sentence over with is your best way to move forward.

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