Divorce Issues: Not Over When It’s Over

Most couples sigh with relief once the divorce is final. However, some issues are never really resolved with divorce. If you are in the process of divorcing or are now legally divorced, you might find a reason to end up back in your lawyer's office for some of the below reasons. 

When You Are Parents

If minor children were part of your divorce then you may need to adjust things from time to time with your parenting plan. Child custody is one of the most hotly contested issues during divorce and the fighting might not end with divorce. When one party has custody and the other party disagrees, they can often look for problems. When a parent is doing a poor job of parenting, has addiction issues, is abusing a child, etc., speak to your divorce lawyer about taking your ex back to court on a custody issue. You must, however, possess proof of your ex's wrongdoing before the judge will hear you.

If you plan to ask for changes in the custody or visitation agreement, be prepared for a challenge. Judges don't like disrupting children from their routines and only egregious acts would cause them to reconsider. You should also be ready to face scrutiny of your own parenting behavior at the same time.

Child support issues don't necessarily necessitate a trip back to court, at least not for the receiving parent. If your ex has fallen behind on child support, contact the agency in charge of overseeing the issue. They will take action against your ex.

Unresolved Asset and Debt Issues

Marital property is assigned to one party or the other during the divorce. However, some parties are reluctant to part ways with an asset. If an ex is holding on to something that the judge decreed should be your property, you might need to go to court.

The same thing holds true for marital debt, although this can get a bit trickier. The judge may order that one party be responsible for a debt, but the creditor may have no obligation to abide by the order. However, if the judge has ordered a creditor to remove your name from a debt, they must do so. This usually applies to mortgage loans and loans.

Speak to your divorce lawyer and find out what can be done when any of the problems above arise. In some cases, the issue can be rectified with a letter from your lawyer, but you may also have to take your ex back to court.

To learn more about divorce attorney services, reach out to a family law firm near you.