Is There Forensic Evidence Against You? Don’t Assume That Your Case Is Lost

One of the scariest things you can probably hear if you're facing criminal charges is a detective saying that they have physical evidence that you were at a crime scene -- especially if you weren't. Juries these days love forensic evidence, in part because of the CSI effect. Popular television has many people convinced that forensic evidence is easy and foolproof, when it is not. If you're facing forensic evidence in your criminal trial, don't assume that you're as good as convicted. Read More 

Is It Possible For A DUI Misdemeanor To Be Upgraded To A Felony DUI?

The lowest level of crime, which includes driving under the influence (DUI), is known as a misdemeanor. As a general rule, if you are facing a first-time charge, then this is the type of charge. However, there are some instances when you are charged with a felony DUI instead of a misdemeanor DUI. Although a felony is more serious in nature, which will warrant more severe punishment, both types of charges carry stiff penalties. Read More