Been Accused Of Child Pornography? Information You Should Know

If you have recently been accused of child pornography you need the help of a child pornography attorney. Below is information on how this will be investigated and how an attorney can help you. Investigation When you are first accused of child pornography by anyone, an investigation will take place by police. They will first look on your computer to see if they can find any images of child pornography. The police may get a search warrant also and search your home for any evidence of this crime. Read More 

Why A DUI Defense Lawyer Is A Must-Have

If you've been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI), getting out of jail is only the beginning. DUI convictions can mean time in jail, a loss of driving privileges, and spending a great deal of money. Trying to defend yourself from a criminal charge like a DUI is inadvisable. To bring home that point, read below about the many ways a DUI lawyer can help you get your charges reduced or dropped. Read More 

Understanding Discovery In A DUI Case

The discovery phase of a DUI trial may feel confusing, especially if this is the first time you are dealing with criminal charges. Are you unsure about what the discovery phase entails? Are you unsure how to gather evidence for the discovery phase? This guide will clear up some of the questions that come with DUI discovery phases. What Is Discovery? Discovery involves examining the evidence that both the prosecution and the defendant will use if a case goes to trial. Read More 

Protecting Yourself When Charged with Medicare Fraud

A charge of Medicare fraud is a serious accusation that comes along with even more serious consequences, including monetary liability and prison time. If you have received notification from the government that they plan to pursue a criminal charge against you or your organization — get into action mode right away. Learn what measures you need to take right away to protect yourself. Medicare Fraud When a person thinks of fraud, the word " Read More 

Self-Defense: Your Right To Defend Yourself

Few people are naturally prone to violent acts, and that's what makes it so difficult for those who act only in self-defense when threatened. When you must take actions you never anticipated to protect yourself, you may still face criminal charges. Read on to find out how the defense theory of self-defense can be proven when things take a turn for the worse. As a Criminal Defense The law makes provisions for those accused of crimes, and there are several common defense techniques. Read More