Two Things You Need To Know About DMV Administrative Hearings

When you're arrested for DUI, you're likely to face two types of consequences: criminal prosecution and administrative action by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). While the criminal penalties of a DUI don't occur until after you're convicted, the administrative penalties—such as revocation of your driver's license—go into effect almost immediately. Since not being able to drive can have a significantly negative impact on your life, you can delay any action taken by the DMV by requesting an administrative hearing. Read More 

Tips to Help You Win a Court Case If You Have Been Accused of Forgery

If you have been accused of forgery and are not guilty of the crime, the following tips will help you win your upcoming court battle and keep your composure prior to the event. Divulge Information Solely to Your Lawyer Once you hire a lawyer who you feel comfortable with, treat them as your confidant and divulge information only to them. If you are unsure of how your court hearing will go, ask any questions so that you remain relaxed before the big day. Read More 

Crucial Questions To Ask A Criminal Defense Attorney When You Want Something Expunged From Your Record

If you made some mistakes when you were younger and wound up with a criminal record that has made it difficult to get the jobs, education or even rental apartments that you are seeking now, it is important to note that in some instances, you may be able to have those events removed from your permanent record. However, the laws that will impact your right to expunge something from your record will vary tremendously from one state to the next and are not automatically available to each person. Read More 

Was Your Teen Driving A Car That Got Pulled Over And Marijuana Was Found? What To Ask A Lawyer Immediately

If your child was driving a car with multiple teens and they were pulled over, and someone in the car had marijuana, calling a lawyer needs to be your first priority. If you aren't sure who the marijuana belonged to, but you know that it didn't belong to your teen, you don't want your child to live their life with drug charges on their record. If your name is on the vehicle title, you could also be in trouble. Read More 

Want To Make It As A New Financial Manager? Don’t Look Like A Ponzi

The much talked about Ponzi schemes are still going on. Every year it seems there is a larger scam that leaves unwitting victims penniless. Honest financial advisors often find themselves on the defense. Though you might be an upstanding citizen out to help your fellow Americans make money, people hold you in suspicion.They are afraid of being the next "sucker" on the TV news crying about losing it all to a fraudster. Read More