The Laws Surrounding Breaking Your Lease

If you currently have a lease, the thought of breaking it might be a little scary. Unfortunately, circumstances like health and finances may call for your to break your lease. A lease is a contract you have signed, and it comes with legal implications. Breaking a lease comes with its own set of circumstances. This guide will help you with the decision to break your lease, which is a significant legal concern. Read More 

More Chances At Justice: What To Know About DUI Appeals

If you've been arrested and convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you may feel that you have no options. Our justice system, however, allows all those convicted of a crime to appeal the ruling and/or the sentence, and a DUI conviction is no different. Read on for a quick primer on how the DUI appeals process works so that you can act with confidence after your conviction. What Is an Appeal? Read More 

Reasons That A Short Jail Sentence Might Be Better Than Probation After A DUI Arrest

Following a DUI arrest, your attorney will talk to you about the evidence that the prosecution has against you. If the evidence is weak, your attorney will work with you to build a defense that will hopefully result in the charges being dismissed — thus allowing you to put this difficult situation behind you. However, your attorney may also let you know that the prosecution has a strong case, meaning that a dismissal isn't apt to happen. Read More 

Sex Crime Charges: What Everyone Needs to Know

The average person does not want to think that they could ever be accused of a sex crime, yet many people find themselves accused of these crimes each year. Some of them may even get the shocking experience of a wrongful conviction. If you are accused of sex crimes, it is important to realize the seriousness of the accusations. You also need to know the potential repercussions of a conviction or guilty plea. Read More 

Three Ways An Attorney Can Help You After A DUI Arrest

If you have been arrested because you were driving under the influence, you need to contact an attorney immediately. You may be tempted to accept whatever penalty is given to you and try to put the incident behind you, but without the benefit of representation, the punishment may be far worse than you would have received with an attorney. The following are just three situations in which an attorney can help reduce the severity of the punishment for a DUI. Read More